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Server updates


Posted 10:57 am, 11/22/2020

Dude,its definitely faster jason. Super charger onboard dude. ;)


Posted 8:49 am, 11/22/2020

Would be awesome if you added a feature where users who incite violence or make threats weren't allowed to post anymore!


Posted 3:45 am, 11/22/2020

I just completed a second big update, and so far so good! Please let me know if you see any issues.

I have 3, maybe 4 major software updates to go. I'll probably do one each night for the next several nights.

I'm also planning a major hardware upgrade at the end of the month. I should have everything set up so that there won't be any downtime, unless maybe for a few minutes. I'll post a few hours ahead of time, though, just to be safe.


Posted 2:47 pm, 11/21/2020

I've never had anything on here related to spell check. I considered it at one point, but it required comparing each word to an entire 80,000 record database after you hit a space or Enter! That was wayyyy too slow.

I suspect what you're talking about is a feature on your browser. If you're using Chrome then this might help:


Posted 3:36 am, 11/21/2020

Is spell ck coming back?


Posted 3:11 am, 11/21/2020

Just letting everyone know, I've just now uploaded a software update that should (famous last words, I know) significantly improve the load time of every page.

It took a ton of coding, which means that there's a potential of errors with it. But I've been testing for about a week and not had any problems, so I'm crossing my fingers!

If all goes well then I'll have a second update Sunday night that should also have an impact on the load time.


Posted 3:43 pm, 11/19/2020

Green graphics? I don't have one pixel of green on here, unless it's in the banners

Your monitor colors might be off. Pretty much everything on here is in a shade of gray, blue, yellow, or white.

When you see a link (like in the first post of this thread, where I link to gonc.net), is that blue or green? It should be blue. What about the logo? It should be yellow-white-yellow.


Posted 6:08 am, 11/19/2020

Sounds good man. Still hate your choice of green graphics.lol
I think a bright emerald green?lol


Posted 3:17 am, 11/19/2020

@Metaltrucker, that's what prompted my updates. We've been redlining on RAM for awhile now (called "swapping"), and when the quarantine started we began having record amounts of traffic! In October the server was close to crashing, so I had to start doing some emergency hardware upgrades.

You know I've been working on new features for awhile now, there's just not enough time in the day to do everything Right now, though, I'm focused on speeding things up and maybe pushing off the purchase of a new server for a few months!


Posted 8:50 am, 11/18/2020

and easier to post meme's, gif's and photos...please!


Posted 8:44 am, 11/18/2020

Dude,I did notice the site slow loading a couple months back.
As of now? Loading faster and zero issues.
IMO I would put more into,the graphics,msg board.
I'd like to see an option. For poster to be able to delete their posts.


Posted 8:38 am, 11/18/2020

LOL, I think we're waaaaaay past that point.

We're almost in an emergency treatment situation!!!!


Posted 8:29 am, 11/18/2020

It may do everyone's mental health some good if the site isn't available for a few days.


Posted 7:59 am, 11/18/2020

This will be quite an inconvenience, you know, but thanks for the heads up!


Posted 4:57 am, 11/18/2020

Never mind! Do what you gotta do. We will survive!


Posted 3:11 am, 11/18/2020

I plan to be doing several server updates over the next 2-3 weeks (hardware, software, and security updates). I hope that any down time will only be for a few seconds, but just in case I'll be doing the updates late at night so it shouldn't affect too many of you.

If you see anything unusual, though, please let me know! Either post here, PM me, or email jason@gowilkes.com

Weird things that might happen:

1. Pages not found

2. Page is found but the data isn't there

3. Page is found, but the data that shows up is wrong (like, you click on one thread and see the content of another thread)

4. Broken images

5. Server times out while trying to load something

6. The whole site seems down (especially if you can access it on one device but not another). If this happens, please try http://www.gonc.net to see if it's down for you, too. But either way, please let me know ASAP, because it implies that everyone using your internet provider is unable to access it!

In the end, the server should end up considerably faster and more secure. I HATE doing major software updates that can affect the live site, but they're wayyy overdue

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